Hello, I Do Digital

What i do

A seasoned SEO and Technical lead with extensive exposure into IT and systems. Through many years of determination and passion I have successfully driven a working career into an unorthodox realm of digital.

With much of my working history positioned client side I have worked with many enterprise solutions, broadening my knowledge of industry leading tools, open source technologies and the foundations for developing applications.

I am often referred to as a growth hacker due to my wider knowledge and expertise in diverse methods of delivering numbers, optimising conversion or being a useful digital asset.


At 31 years of age I have spent over 20 years gaining experience in IT, building my first computer 24 years ago to over-clocking and dual booting operating systems at the age of 12.

Having aquired useful technical skills and knowledge along the way, I'm able to pivot my studies in this digital era to empower creativity and leverage growth for businesses.



United Kingdom